Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Reusing Plastic

Plastic is brilliant.

It can be transparent or brightly coloured. It's beautiful.

You can use it to make almost any household object you need- maybe not blades but just about anything else...

And it's cheap.

The problem isn't with the product itself but with our disrespect for it.

Because it's cheap we use it once and dump it- and no-one these days has any excuse for not knowing the problems that causes.

So don't dump, recycle...

Or even better- because some recycling companies think recycling means moving things to India and dumping them there- re-use.

Here's an idea for re-use that Ailz found online.

You cut a plastic bottle in half, invert the top half inside the bottom half, fill the bottom half with water and the top half with soil- and you've got a planter you don't need to be watering all the time.

I've only just made the example in the picture so I can't honestly say that it works, but I don't see why it shouldn't.

The coriander plant is a bit droopy- but that's why it needed replanting....

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That's an attractive planter!

It's a similar construction to the gravity bong. :)

So the smoke goes down because it's heavy and the water stops it dispersing- and then you suck it out?
YESSS!!! I want one of those.
They're easy to make, and you can re-purpose plastic besides the massive hits of smoke! :)
I try to reuse glass and clay vessels from desserts and such which don't come packaged in plastic for giving plants a pot saucer who I have no cachepot for to collect the excess water when watering them (finding good-looking cachepots here is a freaking pain in the ass...). It's always too bad for these just for one use, but unfortunately, there is no deposit or giving-them-back system in force so that you can return these resources back into circulation...
I hate to throw away things like that- so they tend to pile up in cupboards...
A bit similar on my end... This year, this wasn't a waste since I all the bigger vessels came into use! (Well, for flowers/plants I tend to collect different sizes and different shapes - just for the sake, you know, who can forecast me who big a pot is gonna be?)
very nice. Mom used to make birdfeeders out of soda bottles and milk containers.
When I was a kid there was a show called Blue Peter which was always showing you how to make interesting and useful things out of yoghurt pots and plastic bottles and all that sort of thing.