Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


This time yesterday I was coming down with a streaming cold. It lasted through until bedtime. Of course I thought it might be CV19 so I put my philosophical hat on and wished the world goodnight. Ailz took my temperature and even though I felt as though I was running a high fever it read as a full degree below normal- which was odd.

Even odder was that I woke up this morning feeling fine- and in the four hours between then and now I haven't had to blow my nose once...

24 hours before whatever it was came on I was on the phone to my daughter and she had a cold- so I reckon I caught it off her- or took it off her and binned it-

But that's a little fanciful. Only I think I've done it before. She and I seem to have this link...

Speaking of wishing the world goodnight, here's a memorial to a lady who stayed up longer than most of us do. It's cemented to the west face of the church tower of St James the Great, East Malling...

So, let's see- she was born while Charles I was still on the throne (notionally) and lived into the middle of the reign of George II. Quite a lot of changes she'll have seen in that time...

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