Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


I'm seeing more butterflies this summer than I've seen for ages- and can't help feeling this is something to do with the epidemic. When we retreat the world rushes in to fill the spaces we've abandoned.

The best place to see them is the old bonfire site- which was barren after the big burn I did in early spring but is now a tangled mass of nettles, thistles and convolvulus.

Which agrees with something I read a while back- that the best places to look for biodiversity are the brownfield sites (or as we used to call them: ruins)- the places we once inhabited but have lost interest in and have stopped interfering with. The writer of the article went on to say that we should be building on green fields not brown fields because that way we do less damage.

I sit on a rotting stump and the cat lies at my feet. I'm seeing peacocks, commas, red admirals, cabbage whites and lots of brown ones I can't name. The cat takes a couple of swipes at a cabbage white that flutters too close to his nose- and misses.

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