Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Every Tree Lying Flat

We are trying to put put things back the way they were and it can't be done.

In my head I'm seeing one of those scenes of devastation you get after a natural disaster- a flood or a tsunami or a comet strike- the ground all churned up, every tree lying flat- and people standing around looking baffled.

We're coming out of lockdown because we're fretful and bored and running out of money- but the epidemic is still with us.

It's astonishing that Brexit is still going ahead...

...that we're still proceeding with policies that belong to that earlier era- the one before the epidemic struck.

I remember times when I thought government was incompetent, and times when I thought it was wicked but I don't remember a time when it seemed so utterly irrelevant.

Marc Quinn snuck a statue of BLM protester Jen Reid onto the plinth previously occupied by Edward Colston.  It stood for a day and has now been removed because it didn't have "permission".

At around the same time Banksy and his crew snuck into the carriage of an London Underground train and stenciled it with pictures of rats larking about and sneezing greenly.

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