Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

La Dolce Vita, 2020 Version

I was meaning to access my email but instead I found myself on the Daily Mail's website. I scrolled down- scanning headlines- and could feel my blood pressure rising. The Mail was trying it's best to get me all worked up. I forget now what it was trying to get me all worked up about- and I don't suppose the Mail itself cares very much about the causes it espouses; it just wants to hook us and make us scared and angry so we'll stay on the site and become vulnerable to its advertisers.

When I realized what was happening I clicked out quickly.

I May Destroy You has been much praised so I watched the first episode. Arabella- our heroine- was rushing about like a mad thing- getting laid, taking drugs, hooking up with her mates who are all of them mad things, drinking, smoking, doing karaoke- and all to avoid having to finish the sequel to the best-selling memoir that has made her a minor celeb. Every generation needs it's La Dolce Vita- and this must be ours.

We're all just kids- still amazed to find we have bodies. Whee- just look what I can do with mine!

Race you to the swings!

Gimme a push! Go on!



Whoah, too much!  Stop! You tryin' to kill me?

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