Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Slow Process

While Ghislaine Maxwell was lying low I was impatient for the FBI to move in and pick her up.

It does seem- however- that they never lost track of her. It's not easy to disappear in the present age- unless, of course, the people at the top actually want you to disappear.

I suppose they were building their case before they made their move. No point in collaring a suspect before you've  got the goods on them.

Now she's in custody I begin to feel for sorry for her. It can't be easy to be universally hated. All that bad energy coming your way; you'd have to be really hardened to hold up against it.

And who is in greater need of mercy than the unmerciful? 

And I doubt she'll be getting much support from her erstwhile "friends".

We know who they are. If Prince Andrew is the one the media is putting in the headlines it's because he's the least scary of them.  A British prince may be immensely privileged but he doesn't have the kind of power for crushing and making disappear that other people possess.

I don't want her punished- or, at least, I don't want her to suffer any more than she must be suffering now, but I do want her to talk.

We need to know exactly what was going on with Epstein- if only to make it less likely that it happens again.

And the powerful need to know that just as they are watching us so we are watching them.

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