Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

What Dictatorships Always Do

By cracking down on the protesters in Hong Kong the Chinese Communist Party is doing what dictatorships always do- punching itself in the head. Hong-Kong is the smartest, brightest, most prosperous city in China- but it's also a free city and that won't do. What the tyrants don't get- and never do- is that the freedom is a necessary part of the mix- and if you take it away you'll lose the smartness, brightness and prosperity too.

It's as if you were to say, "Oooh I really like this curry, but we next time we need to make it without the spices."

Hitler thought he could rule Europe- but first he had to get rid of all his clever people- many of whom were Jewish, others of whom were gay or otherwise "degenerate".

Stalin had a similar idea.

Chairman Xi may well succeed in shutting down Hong Kong because he's the one with the muscle- but it'll be his own funeral in the long run.

I don't expect the Chinese Communist Party to last for very much longer.

Here in the Commons Mr Johnson has just opened a "bespoke route" for Hong Kong people with a British National overseas passport to come to this country and get on the conveyor belt towards full citizenship. It's the least he can do- and both the decent thing but also very much in our interests. Chairman Xi is moving to get rid of his best brains, his sharpest entrepreneurs- and we'll be very happy to take them off his hands.

China's loss will be Britain's gain.

So thank you, Chairman Xi (you twit!)

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