Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

State Of The Nation

We bought the Sunday Mail because of Alice's article. I see it's still in a terrible twit about everything that's happened since our grandparent's day.

Talking about grandparents, it includes a photo feature in which elderly establishment women are reminded of the indiscretions they committed when undergraduates- and attended parties thrown by the Piers Gaveston Society. One of them was snapped in fancy dress talking to Hugh Grant- the horror! the horror!

The front page story is about the PM being fit as a butcher's dog. In the course of being interviewed he makes the claim that he's "more Woking than woke"- Woking (a town in Surrey) being a code word for  timid, unthinking and suburban- which is- like so much of what comes out of his mouth- an untruth. Theresa May was more Woking than woke, but Johnson is a rakish adventurer- the sort of person the good people of Woking would twitch their net curtains at if he lived on their street (which of course he doesn't.)

Moving away from the Mail, but staying with Johnson, the Cummings agenda still seems to be on track. Cummings has weathered the storm over his trip to Barnard Castle, won his tussle with the Civil Service and prised Mark Sedwill out of his winkle shell. Sedwill is- according to your political stance- either an enlightened internationalist or the presiding genius of the Circumlocution Office- but I no longer expect very much from government- (if we want stuff done we need to do it ourselves)- so I'm not coming down on either side- though I do always like it when the dovecots are fluttered...

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