Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Living In a Bubble

We went up to London to meet family members in a "bubble". I think we may have slightly exceeded the permitted numbers but I don't think anyone was watching us (though in the age of drones you can never be sure.)

Our youngest grandchild has doubled her vocabulary since we last saw her. She and I were throwing things at another thing and I used the word "target" and she asked me if that was a "real thing". I assured her it was and she then practised saying it until she got it right.

My daughter has published a book on tarot (The Book of Tarot: Alice Grist. Piatkus). She gave us our copy. It carries a dedication to me and Ailz (of which I am enormously proud) because we were the ones who introduced her to the cards.

It was a sunny day. Our route to and from the meeting place took us through the East End at 20 miles an hour- and I had my camera in my lap and was snapping things through the open window. So many colourful, joyous, surreal, subjects went by I could have filled a book with them- but the car was rarely in exactly the right place for me to do them justice. Ailz suggests we back some time and park up so I can stroll through the streets of Hackney and shoot everything from the proper distance and the proper angle. Here's one picture I don't think I could improve on.

I call it "Back End Of A Bus". My congratulations to whoever it was in the Mayor's Office who came up with the idea of sending a fleet of eyeballs trundling through the streets of the capital. I'd like to sit them down and have a fannish chat about Bunuel and Redon.

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