Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Rainy Solstice Morning

"I don't think much of this heat wave," says Ailz.

And neither do I. It's raining. And I want to be out in the fields, picking up sticks and weaving them into a fence of sorts.

At least it lets me off having to tote a watering can round all the things in pots and baskets.

And, anyway, the heatwave is only delayed. As the week continues, so they say, we can expect temperatures to rise- day by day- until they hit 30.

By Friday I'll be looking at the sky and going, "Wot, no rain..."

Dylan has released a new album- and the songs I've heard sound to me like an old man chunnering on about the days of his youth while rocking on his porch with his rifle/guitar across his knees; and I find, rather to my dismay, that I'm not interested any more. Yes, they killed President Kennedy but that's sixty years ago- and President Trump is talking to a half empty stadium about "our beautiful statues" and that other old man with the history of groping women is gearing up to take the Presidency away from him...

...And John Brown's body lies a-mouldering in his grave...

A woman who used to give water to pigs on their way to the slaughterhouse just got run over and killed by a slaughterhouse truck.

And Ailz has just shown me a vid of a man in a car who's buying caged birds off a seller of birds. The seller reaches in the cage and hands him a bird and he lifts it above his head and lets it go. The action is repeated. And repeated. It's on a loop and he'll be tossing birds up into the sky forever...

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