Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Down With Him

The authorities in Bristol could have got the glory by removing the Colston statue a while back. It's not as if they didn't know the clock was ticking. But if they'd taken the hint the statue- which is quite nice as statues of mass murderers go- would have been placed in a museum and contextualised- and we'd have been robbed of the most powerful set of images of the British protests thus far- ones we'll be watching for decades to come and punching the air and going "Yes!"

Colston has a rope round his neck,

He teeters.

He falls.

(Just like Saddam- only that was staged by the US invaders- and the Colston crowd is authentically popular- and young and of all ethnicities.)

People jump all over him.

The police stand back. In an interview afterwards their chief says, "No regrets."

They tread on his neck (nice touch that.)

He is dragged through the streets,

Heaved up onto the parapet of a bridge


Over he goes. Kersplosh!

That water must be deeper than it looks, because the bubbles keep rising, and keep rising...

Putting him an a museum would have been the polite thing to do- but putting him at the bottom of the harbour is a much, much better idea.

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