Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Word Games

I've been doing a daily puzzle where they give you eight letters arranged in a circle with a ninth letter in the middle and you have to make as many English words as you can from the letters, with the proviso that the central ninth letter appears in all of them. There's always at least one nine letter word to be found.

I do pretty well. Words have always been my thing. No point in asking me to do Sudoku though…

Sometimes the nine letter word jumps out at me, sometimes I really struggle to find it. Yesterday the letters were ODRRWENGO- and it was the toughest yet.

They say you can't have foreign words, but what exactly is a foreign word? Is "craic" a foreign word? Opinion will vary.

I don't usually bother to look at the printed solutions but when I do I always find there are words I've missed which I had no idea existed. For instance "teel". I'm familiar with "teal"- which is a duck and a colour but I can't think I've ever come across "teel" in either print or speech. Isn't the English language amazing? No-one can possibly be familiar everything that's in the dictionary.

I looked "teel" up. It's American English, comes from the Hindi and is a synonym for the plant- and its derivatives- that I call "sesame". Perhaps you knew that.

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