Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Random Stuff

They say that today will be the last of the very hot days. They also say there's a chance of rain tomorrow- which would be good. We've been saving our washing up water for watering the many many things that have been newly planted in the garden.

Local radio reports that a bin lorry has overturned on the road between here and Hastings. We may need to plot a route to avoid it on our way down to the coast.

(Ailz says her uncle- who was a bus driver- got to test buses on a skid pad and was paid a bonus if he managed to overturn one of the double-deckers. If a double-decker bus is really hard to tip over- how much harder must it be to tip a bin lorry?)

Our youngest grandchild went back to (primary) school yesterday.

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