Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Have You Noticed How...

...No-one simply dies these days. They always "sadly die" or "sadly pass away" or whatever featherbedding euphemism for kicking the bucket the writer feels comfortable with. Anyway, it's always "sad"- unless of course, it's "tragic".

Anyone would think death was a bad thing.

This morning, for instance, I came across a little piece about the cast of Dads Army- all of whom (apart from "stupid boy" Ian Lavender) were born over a hundred years ago. Apparently they've all "sadly passed over." Well, what a surprise!

If John Laurie hadn't "sadly passed over", he'd now be 123. Think of everything he's missed out on, all the roles he could have played!

Please, it's not "sad", it's natural.

Most of these people have been dead so long they're probably on their next incarnation by now...

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