Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Nanny Knows Best

It was going to be a lovely weekend. "OK," said whichever besuited male was representing the Government on this particular occasion, "You can start meeting up with friends and family this coming Monday, but on no account must you do so before then."

Yeah, right...

The beaches and parklands filled up. Barbecue smoke arose...

I remember having a political argument with my mother-in-law (not a clever thing to do) in which she was defending the official position on something or other- and fell back on the position that our leaders are smart and well-informed and can be trusted to do the right thing. Authorities the world over count on people thinking this way- and help them to do so by putting out vast amounts of disinformation.

But it could just be that we've been gifted with some of the leaders we have now in order that those who hold the "nanny knows best" position should be disabused of it. We'll leave Trump to one side- and just home in on the home-grown example of incompetence I've highlighted above. Can a government that evinces such a basic ignorance of human nature be trusted to do anything right?

And when a government is no longer respected- and lacks the resources to make itself feared- it is well on the way to becoming irrelevant.

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