Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Project For The Summer

I walked round the perimeter of our fields yesterday, something I can now do at leisure, without being tailed by three horses- and it's a wonder how much three horses can do- over a season- to adapt the environment to their own specifications. It's a good thing that our neighbour has tall wire mesh fences, because the fences on our side of the boundary have been demolished and trodden down, leaving nothing but  a permeable line of trees and brushwood. There's one place in particular where the horses have invaded the no-one's land between the two fences and turned it into a sort of stable. I applaud their industry, but I can't leave things as they are.

So, I have a project for the summer- which is to remake the fence.

A couple of years ago we asked Matthew to hedge the perimeter with hawthorn. That ploy failed because the rabbits who live in no-man's-land grubbed up and ate most of the saplings. I could get the job done professionally with stakes and wire but that would cost thousands.  So what I propose is to do is fill the gaps by making use of the huge stash of fallen timber I've collected over a couple of winters. I think I'll be able to weave branches in among the elements of fence and hedge that are still standing- and that once they're in place nature will take over and reinforce them with new growth- and the final effect will be both effective and pleasingly rustic...

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