Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

As The Rules Change...

Coming out of lockdown will prove tougher than entering it- with every step accompanied by a debate on how far it's safe to go. For people like myself- who are naturally solitary- there'll be the need to adjust- and even more- the need to want to adjust- to being around people again. It doesn't take much for me to sink into a hermit mentality- with accompanying misanthropy- and I've now had two months of turning round and round in my nest- the way dogs do- and making it all comfy...

I was surprised at Dominic Cummings. Here's a very clever man who has gone out of his way to alienate the civil service- including the security services- and he seems to have thought he could flout his own government's rules on lockdown- and nobody would notice. But I suppose it's not unusual for the highly intellectual to be extraordinarily naïve. There are lots of different ways of being smart- and few people, if any, can master them all.

I dreamed I was sitting on a narrow platform that was jutting out from a very high wall- and waving goodbye to some friends. I decided it was time to move, so I stepped across to where I thought there'd be steps or a ladder or something of the sort- only to find there was no way down. By now vertigo had set in. And then I thought, "I don't need to be dreaming this; lets dream something else." So I did.

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