Expectations, Pondlife, Flatbread

1. It's seven years now since we first came down to Kent to look after my mother.

Seven years: that's a tenth of my life- in fact a little more than a tenth.

I won't say we didn't expect to be here this long because we really didn't have any expectations.

But then I've never had expectations.

Great expectations, I observe,  tend to get chewed up in the wheel of the paddle steamer.

If you decide not to have expectations/ambitions you can't be disappointed- and you're not going to turn down opportunities and adventures because they don't chime with your plans. Life, I'd argue, is more fun if you don't feel you have to march along the Roman road, eyes front.

2. I've finished digging the pond. Now I'll let natural processes take their course- and trust that wildlife- animal and vegetable- will move in. This morning a long-legged insect of the kind I think of (incorrectly) as a water boatman was rowing across the surface. I haven't seen the ducks again but I imagine they or their cousins will be back.

3. Becoming a vegan has led me to buy foods I'd never have thought of buying before- for instance Italian flatbreads or lingue. The ones I'm sold on are made by Seggiano and are flavoured with rosemary.


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