Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Plucked From The Headlines

The Nightingale Hospital in London- which was rushed into existence when the virus started claiming British victims- is being put on standby. It was never really needed. You can spin this one of two ways: either as proving that the government's strategy has worked or that it was misguided in the first place. Hospitals haven't been swamped, care homes- which hardly figured in the initial calculations- have been hit hard. Nobody knew what was going to happen or what to do, did they? And if anyone made the right calls I suspect it was more luck (or nous) than science.

Boris Johnson has lost a trade minister. The minister told a man who'd fallen foul of his father that he'd raise the matter in the Commons. The man told the parliamentary watchdog- which declared it a clear breach of privilege. Resignation followed. The Minister in question has had a succession of jobs with titles that tell you nothing about the work involved- if indeed any work is involved, is an Irish catholic, very right wing, was a mate of the Mrs Thatcher's during the years of her decline and is now a Johnson loyalist. He is also openly gay- and brave in his campaigning on gay issues. Aren't people complicated?

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