Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Life Under Lockdown

Now that the family has discovered Zoom we're seeing more of one another than we ever did before lockdown. We "met up" for Becky's birthday on Sunday and again for Mike's birthday this morning- and now Joe is proposing a "family quiz" for tomorrow evening.

The pressure on the supermarket deliveries seems to be easing- or they're gearing up their operation- which comes to much the same thing if you're on the receiving end. Ailz found an empty slot in Sainsbury's rota for just a couple of days ahead and booked it. The driver dropped the bags off at the door- while I kept my distance. Thanks to the pandemic plastic bags are no longer something to be ashamed of but part of the line of defence.

This morning's post brought an unsolicited copy of The Epoch Times- a magazine affiliated to Falun Gong which wants us hate the Chinese Communist Party. I assume everyone else has had one too. This particular issue is all about how the CCP is entirely to blame for Coronavirus...
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