Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Dream, A Parable And A Couple Of Observations

I dreamed I had broken free of the current travel restrictions by training as a medic and getting myself posted to the far north of Scotland.

There are those who say the warm weather will kill the epidemic. It's what one would expect if this were a run-of-the-mill flu virus- and who's to say it's not?

The run of fine days continues.

A year ago I planted marigold seeds. When they sprouted I thinned them out. I didn't throw the rejects away but transplanted them to a second pot, not really expecting them to live but wanting them to have a chance- and they took it. The plants in the first pot are no more than stalks and leaves while the rejects have grown to twice their size and are coming into flower. This has the makings of a parable, I think.
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