Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

As It Was

We went to Waitrose in Paddock Wood.

Ailz stayed in the car while I queued.

The queue stretched halfway round the car park perimeter with orange cones at intervals to show how we should space ourselves. The cones- which isn't quite the right word because they're more like upturned soup bowls with a hole in the top- are embossed with the word Forza; I'm sure I've seen their like before but I couldn't say where. There were trains stopping at the station next door but I wasn't in a position to see how many passengers were getting on and off.

Only one person per household was being let into the store so when I reached the entrance Ailz took over to do the shopping. She could have bought toilet rolls if she'd wanted to but there were no chickpeas, brussels sprouts or incontinence pads. There was a staff member out front disinfecting trolley handles.
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