Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

This And That

Today's the day I lay aside the fleece-lined winter shirts. It looks like it's going to be glorious- "cracking the flags", as Ailz would say.

The Health Secretary got himself manoeuvred into a position where he could be reported as saying that sunbathing was against the rules. I don't think that's quite what he meant; he was answering a question about the people who've been gathering in groups to bliss out in the London parks, but the media are always looking to wring a little drama out of the soapy dishcloth of public utterance.

Keir Starmer finally got himself elected as leader of the Labour Party. You want drama? He doesn't seem to be the person to supply it.

The Queen will go on telly today and deliver a speech with echoes of Churchill and Henry V. (Now there's drama for you!) She speaks to and for her generation- of whom there are not many left. I could wish the media would stop pretending that she's relevant.

They say one of the outcomes of the epidemic is that we're going to stop shaking hands- which is fine by me. What will we do instead- bump fists, bow with steepled hands? I think the bumping of elbows- which was what we were encouraged to do when the epidemic was new- has already died the death; it was just too silly.
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