Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Sooner Or Later Eyam Was Bound To Crop Up

Normally the supermarket delivery person would carry the boxes into the kitchen but under the new rules he unloads at the back door and I watch from what I hope is the proper distance. He says he's busy.

I keep thinking about the arrangement they had at Eyam during the plague of 1665 whereby merchants left deliveries at the parish boundary and the self-isolating villagers left money in a roadside vinegar stoup. We've been hearing a lot about Eyam recently.

It's cold and sunny. I've put a garden table and two chairs on the concrete area where the greenhouse used to stand. Ailz and I had a picnic lunch there yesterday. Otherwise it'll serve as a place to have sit-down conversations with visitors- a sort of outside living room.

Ailz's godmother who is 92- has gone into hospital- not with coronavirus- and Ailz is next of kin. The hospital is in Greater Manchester- 250 miles away- but as things stand there'd be no visiting even if we lived nearby...
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