Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Notes For Future Reference

We went to our favourite farm shop. It sits on the edge of a village, on the main road- and has won prizes for what it does and is. A staff member was stood at the door- with a clipboard in her hand- admitting customers six at a time. She was cheery. We were cheery. The sun was cheery.

There were two, three people ahead of us in the queue- but we only waited a couple of minutes. It's an advantage of being a vegan in times like these that people don't panic-buy the sort of things we eat- and we got everything we wanted- apart from oat milk.

One of these days someone will want to write an historical epic or perhaps a sitcom about life during the great shut-down of 2020 and it's with them in mind that I'm making these notes...
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