Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Dancing Inside

My mother is sitting in front of the TV watching the PM's daily interface with the media. One of his questioners just used the phrase "frankly terrifying" and I felt an urge- which I resisted- to get up and do a little dance. No-one was watching so the effort would have been wasted- and, besides, I was already dancing in my head. The worst thing we can do at present- worse even than hoarding toilet rolls- is stoke the fear.

And now another questioner is asking him to bring in a curfew.

Today was Mothering Sunday. It was cancelled. Church services have been cancelled too- and the clergy are putting their preachments on line. One of them was using candles as a visual aid and managed to set his jumper on fire. It earned him lots of hits.
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