Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Strange Days Indeed

Prince Prospero self-isolates in his castle for a nonstop orgy with all his bestest mates- and then an uninvited guest shows up. Normally I go months without thinking about The Masque of the Red Death- and now- for some reason- it keeps popping into my head...

The sky is blue. The sun shines bright. I hear a plane going over and look up- and it's one of those funny little put-put monoplanes that would have been cutting edge in the 1920s. And then I notice something else: no vapour trails, no shiny silver birds in the stratosphere. We lie under numerous flightpaths- but the airliners have mostly been grounded and I can't say I'm sorry.

What price political ideology- or indeed political normality- when a Tory government finds itself implementing policies which it would have mocked as madly Socialist- if not Stalinist- a few weeks ago? Again, who would have predicted that Boris Johnson- libertarian, hedonist and former Bullingdon boy- would preside over the closure of the theatres, cinemas, pubs and clubs? Not even Cromwell went quite so far. Oh, and that money tree- which used not to exist? Apparently we have access to a whole orchard of them now.
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