Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Down The Pub

I don't suppose we'll be doing much of this in the weeks ahead.

The lad behind the bar said, "Of course we'll be staying open. We're an independent."

At the moment they have that choice. They haven't been told to shut up shop. But I expect they will be. The current advice- that punters should stay away from pubs and clubs- is neither one thing nor the other. What are licensees expected to do- Stay open but discourage customers from entering? Put a notice over the door saying, "Enter at your own risk"?

I'm not going to shout at the government. I'm no lover of government in any shape or form- but right now we're all improvising.

Another thing I've told myself I won't do (but I may slip) is speculate about the causes or outcome of the epidemic. I have opinions- but they're only opinions and worth no more than anyone else's. I don't have expertise or inside information. For the present time we have a new reality to deal with and we need to make the best of it.

The chancellor was making encouraging noises last night about giving financial help to businesses. A lot of them- small ones in particular- are going to need it.
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