Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Thoughts Of A Bachelor Hound

I dreamed a book.

The title was Thoughts of a Bachelor Hound. It was written in the character of an old dog (literally) who was explaining Catholic doctrine to puppies. The author was an Australian called Denny or Benny (not to be confused with Jack Benny the entertainer, said the Introduction.) It was allegedly very funny.

I woke, went back to sleep and dreamed it again.

Only now it was a book of lesbian verse. A very tall woman was praising it to me. I'd copied the whole thing out by hand and was discussing it in a seminar. I read one of the poems aloud. I thought it was pretty good. It contained the lines...

I am wholly you
And you are wholly me,
But Michael McIntyre
Is my only muse.
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