Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Kimbolton Angel

This image pushed my equipment as far as it would go.

A dark church on a dark day with evening closing in. I could see there were angels up there in the roof of the side chapel but I could barely make them out. It didn't help that they were placed right above the windows- and the light from the windows was what my eyes had adjusted to.

The resulting pictures were dark to the point of being indecipherable- and I had to process them and process them...

The church graced by this angel is St Andrew's, Kimbolton, which is full of interest even though it doesn't make the cut in Simon Jenkins' church-crawler's bible. There's a window of Tiffany glass, for instance, which isn't to my taste but is both top-quality and rare. Kimbolton itself is a small, pretty market town with a castle at the end of the high street. Catherine of Aragon lived here after the divorce and her body was transported hence for its burial in nearby Peterborough cathedral. Did she ever visit the church and look up and see this angel?

It's a very friendly angel. Whoever you are it's on your side.
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