Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

More Pictures Of The Rich Tomb

The Rich tomb is hard to photograph in its entirety, firstly because it's a large thing squashed into the corner of a crowded space and secondly because it's surrounded by a fence of spiked railings.

Are the railings to keep us out or Rich in?

Here are some more details.

Epiphanius Evesham is famous (insofar as he is famous at all) for his mastery of relief carving. This panel behind the effigy's head shows a young and handsome Rich carrying a huge purse, presumably in his role as Lord Chancellor, with Hope on his left with anchor- and Charity on his right. I particularly like the naturalistically restive figure of the child.

Kneeling by Rich's head, as if praying to his father's effigy, is the effigy of his heir, Robert. Rich had masses of children- 11 of them legitimate. Robert has lost his left arm, the hand of which lies on the ground beside him, clutching his right hand glove.

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