Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Bye, Bye, Ciara

Yes, I did spell it wrong. It's Ciara not Chiara. I added the "H" because I'm not Irish.

Apparently the Brits and the Irish put their heads together to draw up a list of names for North Atlantic storms. These names run through the alphabet (omitting Q,U,X, Y and Z) and alternate male with female. So far this year we've had Atiyah, Brendan and Ciara. Next up will be Dennis.

Cue headlines about Dennis the Menace. Really, newspaper headline writers, you're so predictable.

According to research from the USA (where they've been doing this longer) female storms kill more people than male storms- perhaps because people expect the girls to pack less punch and so take fewer precautions. See folks, your sexism can get you killed.

All the above information (apart from the snidery) comes from the Sun Newspaper's website.

Meanwhile Ciara is still groaning away, but not so much as she did yesterday. Also the sun is out and the rain has stopped. Ciara has broken the swing seat; the poles are held together with joints of tough plastic and she's snapped one of them. Never mind, it's only the sun shade that has gone- and when I sit out there in future I'll just have to wear a hat with a brim- which I usually do, anyway.

Shortly I'll be going out to see how our trees have held up.
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