Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

You'll Never Get Rich, You Sonofabitch....

I would like to pretend otherwise, but this business with Joe and the army eats away at me. I spend most of every morning feeling nauseous.

A soldier is a serf. The Queen owns him. Or, rather, Mr Blair owns him. The military is the one profession (I can't think of any others) where the working stiff doesn't have the right to say "I quit" and just walk out the door.

It makes me mad.

Of course I understand that if soldiers had the rights that every other citizen has then discipline would collapse and if discipline collapsed we wouldn't have an army and if we didn't have an army Mr Blair wouldn't be able to fight his foreign wars and- gosh- what a terrible thing that would be...

Yeah, I know- I'm a girlyman.

BTW you can read Joe in his own write at realpigdog
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