Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

No Fun Like Work

I picked up a spade this morning- for the first time in months- and replaced a couple of paving slabs that had slipped sideways off the path they are supposed to be forming. I was surprised how good it made me feel, but as my father used to say- "there's no fun like work" to which I would add the qualifier "so long as it's of your own choosing."

Ailz was making bread yesterday. She was enjoying that too. I took over the kneading at one point. "Have you ever made bread," she asked. "Not recently that I can remember," I said, "But I'd be surprised if I hadn't at some time over the past few thousand years."

I have allowed myself to become more than usually sedentary this winter. I don't like being cold and wet- or at least that's what I tell myself- though this morning I was quite happy to be sloshing through the mud in my wellies.

It rained a lot during the night- I didn't hear it so it must have been gentle but steady- and the front path which was dry yesterday evening is underwater today. Snowdrops and aconite have been flowering on their shaded bank for about a week now- and today I saw the first daffodils; these are miniature daffodils- originally bought in pots for indoor display- that I've been planting out under a tree over successive years- and I take a fond, parental interest in them.
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