Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Plus Ca Change, Plus C'Est La Meme Chose

Europe is in my blood and bones, my culture, my memory. I don't feel any less European this morning than I did yesterday.

We've left a trading bloc- and one that didn't include the whole of Europe anyway (no Scandi nations, no Switzerland, no Russia). We can still visit the mainland, talk to its people, read its books, watch its TV shows etc, etc.

Ever since Doggerland went under the water Britain has stood a little apart from the rest of the Continent. It's a simple matter of geography. You don't have to go the full John of Gaunt to see there are advantages to this- for people on both sides of the Channel. Part of Europe, yet a little apart- that's who we've always been.

As with every societal change there will be inconvenience, upset, opportunities...
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