Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

St Botolph, Lullingstone

Lullingstone is famous for its Roman villa. You carry on past the villa- along what looks like a private drive- and you come to Lullingstone Castle- which dates from 1497 but got a makeover in the early 18th century which gives it the appearance of an expensive nursing home. Only the outer gatehouse is still (from the outside anyway) recognisable as a Tudor building.

Off to one side- across a pathless lawn- is Lullingstone Church- which is medieval on the outside, Queen Anne on the inside and full of the monuments of the Hart-Dyke family.

The house was built and the church restored by Sir John Peche (pronounced Peachy) who was a player at the court of Henry VIII. His tomb lies between the chancel and the mortuary chapel he tacked on to the church's north wall. He died in 1522- and his effigy must be one of the last anywhere to be kitted out in medieval armour.

On the south wall of the chancel is the monument to Peche's successor- Sir Percyval Hart who died in 1580. It rivals Peche's in showiness- but not in craftsmanship...

And... but that's enough for one post. More to follow.
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