Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Gacked From Almost Everyone On My FLIist

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bloomsbury:
    Because it's the most beautiful place on earth. Secret gardens and lovely, early 19th century stucco.
    Also Virginia Woolf lived there.
  2. deadwood:
    This should be changed to read Deadwood, series #1- because series #2 sucks.
    I have always loved westerns.
  3. ghosts:
    Where to begin?
    We love what we fear.
  4. john ford:
    He made westerns
    (see above)
  5. manfred von richthofen:
    As a kid I had a thing about the flying aces of WWI.
    I had a Sopwith Camel in my bedroom. Actually I had a folding card table and I sat under it and pretended it was the upper wing.
  6. polia:
    Polia is the girl Poliphilo loves in the "novel" Hypnerotomachia Poliphili.
    The name means "many" as in polymorphous and polyamory and polyglot.
    I am a renaissance man.
  7. sam peckinpah:
    He made westerns too.
  8. swinburne:
    When with flame all around him aspirant
    Stood flushed as a harp player stands
    The implacable, beautiful tyrant
    Rose crowned, having death in his hands
    And a sound as the sound of loud water
    Smote far through the flight of the fires
    And mixed with the lightning of slaughter-
    A thunder of lyres.
  9. van eyck:
    I love the Flemish school. And Van Eyck is its daddy.
    In the Arnolfini marriage portrait there's a window aslant and you can just see a little blue sky and foliage through it.
    I want to climb out that window.
  10. welles:
    He didn't make westerns.
    But he did make some of the best movies ever.
    Chimes at Midnight is my favourite.

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