Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

One Thing Leading To Another

Because of Christmas and the New Year- which is, as Ailz would say, a whole lot of Sundays in a row- I keep having to think hard about what day of the week it is.

Thursday, right?

Matthew and Julia are doing some catching up in the garden. They've moved the chippings they'd dumped on the drive before Christmas- which was a free gift of sorts- and spread them on what would be a path if it wasn't a morass. Matthew said he'd be clearing the brambles out of the drainage ditch in the lower field. "Drainage ditch?" I queried. "Oh, you mean 'the stream'."

Sorting through our CD collection- with a view to culling it a bit- I found a disc with pictures taken at my 50th birthday party- 19 years ago now. (And, no, I'm not going to post any of them here because it would be too-too shy-making.) Everybody looks ridiculously youthful- apart from my daughter- who seems scarcely to have aged a day. The pictures will have been taken by my brother-in-law- from who we have heard nothing since my mother-in-law died- which is nearly a year ago now. My Mother-in-law wasn't exactly a matriarch but simply by existing she held the family together. The threads were always tenuous and now she's gone they've parted.

Archbishop Welby- in his Christmas message- said we should dedicate the New Year to repairing such broken links. Oh, no, we shouldn't; some links are better broken. The breakage doesn't imply hatred or rancour- not necessarily- but really there's no virtue in maintaining relationships with people with whom one has nothing in common. No doubt on the other side- in what Joan Grant calls "the beautiful country"- we'll all get together and laugh about our differences- but while we're on this side of the river we have better things to do than make polite conversation and skirt around topics too painful or divisive to be discussed.

I have issues with archbishops, of course. Mr Welby is a goodish egg but I don't believe he's got any particular expertise in ethics and spirituality. If he did he wouldn't be an archbishop, now would he?
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