Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


I read that Betelgeuse- the red giant on the left shoulder of Orion- is expected to go supernova some time soon. When it does it'll be as bright as the full moon and visible during daylight hours. Of course it might not happen for hundreds of years- but I'd sort of like to be around when it does.

We went down to Hastings for lunch yesterday and I walked on the beach and the sun came out. There was an old guy running a metal detector over the shingle which is something I should like to do some time. I guess it's legal- because who owns the sea shore?

A very big firework went boom at midnight- so in a manner of speaking I saw the New Year in- if you can call it "seeing" when you've got the curtains drawn and the lights out. Kryon, speaking through Lee Carroll, says there's all sorts of interesting stuff in the Field, just waiting to come into manifestation- and 2020 is a year we're going to remember.
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