Last Man Standing

The London Review of Books keeps trying to get me to take out a subscription- and to do so it drops me crumbs- and among these crumbs today is the now traditional extract from Alan Bennett's Diary for the year that's coming to an end- Bennett being one of Eng Lit's great diarists (with it seeming not at all unlikely that the Diary will outlast everything else he's written.) It comes with a recent photograph of him enjoying afternoon tea with Jonathan Miller- Miller looking cadaverous as is not surprising really, but also irritably quizzical.  Bennett is now the last surviving member of the pre-fab quartet who shook up the culture with Beyond the Fringe.

The final entry in the LRB's digest is for Dec 13 and relates to the election- "It's a gang not a government. Sure, he smells- but you can get used to anything"     


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