"Nomenclature"- What An Awkward Word That Is!

I had thought in advance that I wouldn't want to be looking at food today but as it turned eleven o'clock I found myself reaching for a mince pie.

The mince pies are home made. Even the mince meat is home made. Ailz did a tremendous job.

We had a quiet Christmas Day. My sister and her husband were here- as was my mother's principal carer. We ate curry and trifle.

My sister came equipped with some Christmas quizzes from the Guardian. They occupied us in the fallow time between lunch and tea. I particularly liked the section called Projected Image Nomenclature Challenge which required one to identify famous films by the names they had been marketed under in foreign languages (translated into English of course). The distributors in Hong Kong sold "The Sixth Sense " as "He's a Ghost" thereby obviating any need to actually see the movie. My favourite is "The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses" which is (allegedly) the French name for "The Matrix" (and I guessed it right!!!)     


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