Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Endings And Beginnings

The cat used to leap up onto the window ledge and gaze in at us soulfully until one of us took pity on him and opened front door. He still attempts the leap but now just hits the window and bounces off. I think he's getting fat but Ailz says he weighs the same as he did when we got him- so I suppose old age is catching up with him.

Peter fixed the central heating. The problem was a pump that had stopped pumping. I've put the halogen heaters away and rather miss them. Radiators don't emit a cheery golden glow.

There's a desk diary sitting on the table. A charity sent it out. We have no use for it- and we've tried palming it off on friends and family with no success. Who keeps a desk diary these days? I don't- and haven't for 30 years. And yet I hate to just toss it in the recycling. It feels like that would be churlish, ungrateful, wasteful- all those things...

The media are looking back not only at the year but at the decade. My mother's paper had a special supplement filled with pictures of politicians and celebrities and people suffering in disasters. I have few qualms about throwing that in the recycling box.

Yesterday I picked up a book by Joan Grant- who was famous in her day for remembering and writing about her past lives- and- after reading a chapter or two- ordered three more from eBay. I have little interest in pouring over the events of the immediate past but the events of several thousand years ago? Now that's a different matter...

We should celebrate the New Year at the Solstice. It's when something actually happens. January 1 is just a date chosen at random by some ancient Roman bureaucrat...
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