Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Dreams, Rain, Scum

People were flying through the clouds- wildly and erratically- by means of a hand-held device that was a bit like an ice cream cone and bit like the Statue of Liberty's torch. What if they let go? I wondered. How can it possibly be safe...

"Do you ever have dreams where you're a spectator? asked Ailz, "Where you're not part of the action but simply observing it?" "Yes" I said. And, of course the dream I've recorded above is an example. I wasn't flying about myself- far too dangerous- just watching others do it.

G.M Gaskin- whose books on "The Christos Experience" I'm currently reading- kept a dream diary for three months and noticed that a small proportion of the material appeared to be pre-cognitive. And why not? If linear time is an illusion why shouldn't the mind, when set free of the disciplines of waking life, range about in any direction it chooses? I can't say I've ever noticed precognitive elements in my own dreams but that's probably because I've not been paying enough attention.

It rains. It rains some more. The house sits just below the top of the hill and in very wet weather a spring opens up in the garden. The location changes. In the past it has come up above the bank where the first spring flowers appear. Today it is bubbling away beside the flooded front path. I tried photographing it but it looked like nothing in particular so here instead is a picture of scum slowly revolving above a flooded grating at the bottom of the drive.

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