Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


I need to see my teacher to explain why I wasn't able to complete some work I'd undertaken for her but she's too busy to deal with me right now because she needs to see the headmaster and lay into him about the school's ethos. "We're not high enough," she says, "We can't see the mountains from here."

She also says "John Webster is the engine that powers me." And I say "Me too, only not so much Webster as a whole but the Duchess of Malfi in particular." And she says "With me it's not the plays but the movie versions."

An earlier dream was lucid. The valleys are flooded and this woman and I are travelling on the higher ground- mostly through buildings of one kind and another. There's an open field ahead and I turn to my companion and say, "Hurry along- or we're going to wake up"- and she stands still and we do.
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