Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

More Of The Same

While we're on the subject here's the pillar at Bloxham I mentioned in the last post. Bloxham is just down the road from Adderbury.

Where the iconography at Adderbury is quite straightforward- four knights, four ladies- here it's complex- The figures are knight, lady, king and peasant- and there's lots of stuff going on around them- some of it hard to read. The knight, visible in both these images, has a shield and lance with pennon, both marked with a cross. Does this make him a crusader?

Finally, here's one of the capitals from Hanwell- where, as at Adderbury, the sexes are segregated...

The characters at Bloxham and the knights at Adderbury have their arms linked (the Adderbury ladies don't have arms). At Hanwell all the people lean forwards, arms braced- as if pushing themselves out through a window.
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