Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A North Oxfordshire Speciality

St Mary, Adderbury has two highly decorated pillars, one on the south side of the building, at the transition from aisle to transept and the other in a similar position to the north. The southern one has a capital showing four knights with their arms linked, so...

and the one to the north has ladies...

This style of capital is a north Oxfordshire speciality. There's a single example at Bloxham, while Hanwell has a complete set- with every column in the arcades displaying one. There may be others but, if so, I haven't come across them yet- and I don't think they occur anywhere else in the country. Presumably we're looking at the work of a single local mason or group of masons. Pity we can't put a name to them. Pity the idea didn't catch on....
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