Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Election Latest

The Lib Dems have been leafletting us like never before. Their most recent communication is a message from ex-Tory MP Sarah Wollaston, saying how dreadful Boris Johnson is and how the party has been taken over by its right wing- all of which is beyond dispute. Her conclusion- that we should therefore support the Lib Dems is rather more contentious.

Still, it's interesting that Wollaston's new party think it's worth making a pitch to disgruntled Tories. The polls are all predicting a Tory landslide but I do wonder... Johnson appeals to certain types of Conservative but is anathema to others.

Who is Johnson exactly? I was reminding myself yesterday of his past- and how, as a young journalist, he made his name as a reporter on the Daily Telegraph's Brussels bureau- sending home articles that were clever, amusing, tendentious and highly unreliable.

People who were around Johnson at the time testify to the following characteristics

1. All consuming ambition
2. Emotional neediness (he does so want everyone to love him- which may partially explain his sex life.)
3. An inability- or reluctance- to work with others.
4. Workaholism (never believe the reports that he's lazy; when it comes to things he cares about- for instance his career- he's perfectly capable of burning the midnight oil).
5. A shortage of temper that can be alarming.

Enough of that. I doubt that he's fit to be PM, but then who is?

Was May?
Was Cameron?
Was Brown?
Was Blair?

We had our first communication from the Labour Party this morning- and I've posted it in a window where it will be seen by the odd deliveryman (or woman) most of whom are Eastern European. It's the least I can do.
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