Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Thinking Aloud

So did I pop back briefly into the 15th century or was I just exercising my imagination?

"Is there a difference?" asks Ailz.

I don't suppose there is.

Because if we're living in a world of illusion the things we seem to do will have exactly the same status as the things we merely imagine.

Didn't Jesus say that committing adultery in one's heart is the same as actually going through with it?

Can that be true? No, there must be some difference in degree.

A difference in intensity.

But not in meaning. All actions, all imaginings are equally important and/or unimportant.

Experience is experience is experience.

Its many lives inform the immortal soul. It's happy to have had them- because why else would it enter into incarnation? But ultimately none of them really matter.
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