Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Our local MP, Greg Clarke- who was kicked out of the Conservative Party by Boris Johnson for voting against the government but later had the whip restored- has sent us two election communications. The first talked about his record as a constituency MP, avoided any mention of Johnson and used the word "conservative" only once. The second (perhaps someone had rung him up and said "Really, Greg, this won't do") covered much the same ground and mentioned Johnson once in passing. It's almost as if he were standing as an Independent.

I keep reading that this is a boring election but I can't think why. The future of Brexit and the integrity of the UK hang upon it. Traditional party loyalties (as with Clarke) are crumbling, with neither of the party leaders able to count on his troops- and the Labour Party has just launched a quite amazingly radical manifesto...
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