Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Jennifer Arcuri, the American businesswoman who received grants of public money whilst enjoying a close relationship with Boris Johnson, complains that he has now tossed her aside like "some gremlin". I love the image that conjures up.

If Johnson were an ordinary politician he'd have been sunk long ago by one or other of the incoming missiles from his colourful past- but- like Trump and a very few others- he seems surrounded by a force field from which everything just bounces off. His forward march has seemed- in hindsight, anyway- to have been inevitable, irresistable. People don't particularly like him (he's too tricky, too disloyal, too amoral) and he has shown no very great aptitude for any of the positions he's filled- and yet on and on he goes- with everyone accepting that- in spite of everything- he's a man of destiny.

It's a kind of magic. And I mean that literally. People like Johnson, like Trump, have such self-belief, such fixity of purpose that they bend the world around them.
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